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elective adj
1 subject to popular election; "elective official" [syn: elected] [ant: appointive]
2 not compulsory; "elective surgery"; "an elective course of study"

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  1. Of, or pertaining to voting or elections
  2. That involves a choice between options; optional or discretionary


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Elective used as a adjective means that it is optional and chosen, for example, by election. An elective, a noun, chosen by a student means that it is an optional subject or course in a curriculum.
Elective is a term used for an academic course chosen by the student from a set of options, as opposed to a required course. For example, an undergraduate college may require students studying psychology to take six required courses and four electives, chosen from a list of ten options.
The term elective is also used for a period of medical study conducted away from the student's home medical school, often abroad.

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academic specialty, adoptive, alternative, appointive, arbitrary, area, autonomous, choosing, choosy, classical education, constituent, core curriculum, course, course of study, curriculum, discipline, discretional, discretionary, discriminating, disjunctive, eclectic, electoral, field, free, free will, general education, general studies, gratuitous, humanities, independent, liberal arts, major, minor, nonmandatory, offered, optional, particular, proffered, proseminar, quadrivium, refresher course, scientific education, selecting, selective, self-acting, self-active, self-determined, self-determining, seminar, specialty, spontaneous, study, subdiscipline, subject, technical education, trivium, unasked, unbesought, unbidden, uncalled-for, uncoerced, uncompelled, unforced, uninfluenced, uninvited, unpressured, unprompted, unrequested, unrequired, unsolicited, unsought, volitional, voluntary, volunteer, willful
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